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Does Your Kid Know How to Use 911?

A 9 year-old girl saved her Dad's life this week by knowing who to call, what to say, and what to do in an emergency. The story, and the tips you need.

William Shatner and the team (that's Michael Kryton to his immediate right).

Michael Kryton: Boldly Working with William Shatner

A couple of summers ago, our friend Michael Kryton got the rare treat of working with - and directing - William Shatner. He shares the experience here.

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The Catch-Free Guide to Financial Security

There are a million financial websites out there; we've stumbled across one that gives you a ton of useful information without a scammy sales pitch.

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New Research About Memory Loss That Will Blow Your Mind

New studies from a variety of sources show a pretty spectacular link between high-fat diets, memory, mental ability and exercise.

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Lawn Care for Fall: Water. Water Everywhere.

Our lawn & landscape expert, Scott Murrell, reminds us that irrigation is still a critical thing to think about, even at this time of year. Flickr image by °Florian

Meet the Melton family from Momastery.  Craig, Glennon, and three spectacular kids.  (Image courtesy Little Moon Photography)

Married to the Mom

Glennon Melton's Momastery.com is one of the world's most popular "Mom blogs". Today you meet Craig Melton, the Dad behind the scenes. Image courtesy Little Moon Photography

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This Might Be the Smartest Idea Ever

What if you could build roads out of solar panels? And what if we told you somebody's already doing it? Image credit: Dan Walden

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Where’s Your Attention? Why Your Cellphone is Killing Your Relationships

Jason Dykstra teaches people how to communicate for a living. So when he offers this one tip about paying attention, you know what to do. Flickr image by daryl_mitchell

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Alarming New Study: Love Handles Can Kill

Our Editor-in-Chief just found out that his risk of death could be nearly three times higher than yours. We've got details on a new study. Flickr image by Vee Dub

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Need To Know: We Want To Get Into Your Jeans

...as a topic of discussion. Chances are you're taking care of your jeans all wrong. We've got tips to make 'em look better and last longer. Flickr image by Muffet